Local and International transfers

Time is valuable especially when it comes to making and receiving payments and this is why ensure that we offer fast and affordable money transfers.

We Provide:
.Competitive rates on all transfers
.Convenience to ensure payments are done painlessly
.Regular payments via standing order

Cheque Services

Make your business successful and convenient through making payment with cheques to various companies, businesses and partners. This service comes with a lot of convenience.

Standing Orders

AT ABR, we ensure that your regular /repetitive payments are processed on time, without you having to visit the bank, or complete additional paperwork. Making payments for loans, bills, and fees has never been simpler!

This service also allows you to save regularly and to attain savings goals by initiating a standing order to your savings account.

Bank Guarantees

We understand that quick services are paramount to the success of your business. This is why we have an easy and hassle free same day turnaround service on guarantees.

Performance Guarantee

This is a form of security provided by a contractor to guarantee satisfactory completion of the contact. This is used to strengthen the contractual relationship between a buyer and a seller. It guarantees compensation of the agreed upon amount in case the delivery terms or other contractual obligations of the seller are not fulfilled as agreed upon in the contract.

We know how hard you have worked to win tenders and new business, and our performance guarantee has been designed to support you through the contracting process.

Bid Guarantee

This is a form of security which guarantees that a bidder will not withdraw a bid within the specified acceptance period. It also acts as assurance that if a bidder is successful, they will execute the contract and provide the required securities.

At ABR, we guarantee that our customer will undertake the execution of the contract on winning the bid.

Advance Payment Guarantee

An Advance Payment Guarantee is issued to secure the release of advance payment (mobilization) received on a contract. It is intended to bind the supplier (the bank’s customer) to use the advance payment for the purpose stated in the contract between the customer and the Principal.
Our advance payment guarantee is designed to support clients in the delivery of their contractual obligations.

Bank Guarantee Requirements

- Formal letter or Email stating all of the guarantee specifics (Guarantee amount, purpose of the guarantee & Duration of contract)
- 100% cash collateral in the ABR account
- Beneficiary name and address and copy of contract/tender document

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