Aaron joined ABR in January 2018 with more than 11 years of experience providing expertise in IT related projects in the financial services.
As Chief Information Officer, his responsibilities focus on developing, promoting and implementing the IT strategy of the Bank.
Prior to joining ABR, Aaron was the Head of Information Technology at BPR Atlas Mara, where he served for 10 years and led major IT systems integration and infrastructure modernization projects (such as mobile money trust account integration with T24 core banking, implementation of modular tier-2 datacenters, virtualization & adoption of cloud technologies) and developed several APIs to facilitate integration of T24 and third party systems, and an automated system for back office operations (clearing, transfers, batch processing, etc) called ADTS(Automatic Data Transfer System).
Aaron holds a Master degree in Information Technology and Management from Rostov State University of Economics, Russia. He speaks five languages: English, French, Russian, Swahili and Kinyarwanda

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