Arah Sadava assumed the CEO role at AB Bank Rwanda in April 2015. Prior to joining ABR, she was the Retail/Banking Services Manager of Access Bank Liberia from March 2014. She has more than 18 years of experience in microfinance and banking in over 9 countries, 7 of which are in Africa.

Arah started her career as a rural banking/ microfinance specialist in Philippines. She later moved to East Africa to manage transformation projects. After having succeeded with those projects, she served for a well-known MF bank as the Chief Operations Officer initially in Tanzania, and then in Mozambique.

In 2009, she accepted the CEO post for a licensed non-bank financial institution in Ghana. Arah later on moved to Ethiopia to serve as the Project Manager for a rural savings project. In 2011, she joined one of the largest licensed MFIs in Cambodia as the CEO.

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